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The Estephan Group

Bob Estephan, Owner & Business Coach

Take Your Business to the Next Level

As an entrepreneur and business owner, Bob Estephan has a breadth of knowledge, insights, capabilities and experiences to lead businesses to better profitability, systems, staffing and operations. Bob has an approachable leadership style along with a comprehensive business acumen, which allows him to identify, navigate and leverage factors that impact business.


In 1985, Bob founded IC2S as a data cabling manufacturing representative. Bob identified a trend and quickly evolved the business into an installation company as well. Bob then anticipated a need and again expanded the business into telecommunications. Leveraging this line of business, IC2S evolved into computer infrastructure systems, IP video surveillance and IP access control systems. Today, IC2S does business nationally and counts Fortune 100 companies as a client.

As a partner in Avarus Solutions, providing similar services as IC2S for the Western NY area, Bob was responsible for developing customer and employee retention programs, process control systems, and product pricing to stay competitive in the marketplace.

Bob has gained a level of technical expertise and grounding in the nuts-and-bolts side of business. He recognizes that most small businesses in the service industry are lean and limber and can help those businesses drive operational agility, productivity, profitability and performance.






1239 San Gabriel Dr, Rochester, NY 14610